The #UFB Show Episode 9 – PS4 vs Xbox One!

The #UFB  Show: Episode 9 We are on iTunes! Click here to subscribe. Show Notes: Featuring NC-17 Passionate debate on the game system war- Xbox One vs. PS4 Which system we are excited about PS4 for gamers, Xbox One to tackle more? Bonus Question: Who would be the stars in our own movie?

The #UFB Show Episode 8 – Overrated!

The #UFB  Show: Episode 8 We are on iTunes! Click here to subscribe. Show Notes: The most overrated characters in Sci-Fi & Comics? Why no Wolverine trailer yet? Iron Man 3 trailer thoughts Fighting Gaming Community on PS4? PS3 games on PS4?

The #UFB Show: Episode 7 – The Come Back…

The #UFB  Show: Episode 7 After some “technical” issues we lost some of our episodes and corresponding files. Additionally work and family events has slowed down our production and productivity. We want to come back strong so stay tuned for more timely and consistent episodes. Also remember to bookmark our new home for The #UFB Show…

The #UFB Show: Episode 6- NFL Playoffs

The #UFB  Show: Episode 6   We are on iTunes! Click here to subscribe. Sports focused. 1st Quarter: NFL playoff picture Our Super Bowl predictions Cinderella story? 2nd Quarter: AFC North and Ravens! NFC East NFC West! Seahawks and 49ers 3rd Quarter: NBA season first half Our current MVP picks and debate 4th Quarter: WWE TLC predictions…

The #UFB Show Episode 3 – AvX Reactions

The #UFB  Show: Episode 3 We are on iTunes! Click here to subscribe. We share our thoughts on:  Skyfall Movie  Walking Dead Season 3  Mortal Kombat movie deal and expectations  Avengers vs Xmen recap and opinions  Future of the Marvel Universe